Waste Of Aces – Cheese And Wine Lyrics

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I like cheese
Gimme some of that cheddar please
Swiss, even Feta
Oh, gotta get me some cheese

I like cheese
I’ll get down on my hands and knees
Brie, Colby, Gouda
Coulda, woulda, shoulda that cheese

That is what I want to eat
No matter how you spell it
Someone’s gotta sell it
And I hope they sell it to me

I like cheese
Yeah, I got that ol’ “cheese disease”
Melted, sliced, grated
Never overrated that cheese

I like wine
Red or white it must be mine
Take the glass and grip it

I like to sip-and-sip at my wine
I like wine
Pinot grigio is divine
Fruity, nutty, oaky
I’m drunk and I’m pokey from wine

“Tastes so great” I must confess
I don’t know how they grow em
I guess some people hoe em
And squash them all under a press

Wine and cheese
I’d like them together please
So pour another glassful
I hope it’s not a hassle
So cut another slice of
Nevermind the price of
And screw the impropriety
I’ll have a wide variety of
Cheese and wine!

Cheese And Wine
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