Westside Boogie – Whoopty Freestyle Lyrics

Know who I’m with, my dude
Free G Weed, free Bully, nigga
Yo, yo, know I mean, uh

I’m with the whoopties (I’m with the whoopties)
Don’t tell me you gang ’cause it ain’t the same
You say it too loosely, uh (You say it too loosely)
I’m sayin’, “Free Ruccki,” uh (Free Ruccki, nigga)
As long as I’m here, they say they ain’t knew me
But I’ll be immortal if somebody shoot me
That shit get depressin’ and start to get to me (Ooh, ooh)
I call up this, uh, tell her to scoop me (Ooh)
Like, “Can we get faded?” Then come with a plan (Come with a plan)
Them tabs got me thinkin’ I’m changin’ the weather by movin’ my hand, woah (By movin’ my hand)
If you ain’t lеt me hit then you really shouldn’t carе If I get at your friend
The more I get curved, the thicker my skin, uh
You ain’t seen my DM?
Well, let me delete it and send it again

“Cause I always wanted to hit (I always wanted to hit)
That’s how it’s done in this bitch (That’s how it’s done)
He said he the plug to get in your box (I’ma keep it)
I’ma keep it a, uh, hundred percent of me went to the Lord
When momma was poor, and I never wanted a sip
Hate on the front of my lip, how I’m gon’ stomach this shit?
This hunger a son of a bitch
Feel like you love to trigger me
Can’t forget how to touch an enemy
You don’t know about muscle memory
Gimme head while I’m, uh, while I’m on this killin’ spree
Baby, she back and she turnt (She back)
Gotta act like she mad at me first
Up and I ain’t goin’ back to the first
Tellin’ me that ain’t how gravity work
f*ck it, ’cause I’m with the whoopty
Don’t tell me you done and then go and sub me
You look like a goofy
You just look like a, uh

Whoopty Freestyle
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Songwriter(s): WESTSIDE BOOGIE

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