C-Note (Of The Botany Boyz) – Throwed Lil Momma

(feat. Tasha)

Cause you’s a thoed lil’ mama
You’s a thoed lil’ mama – 4x

I see you looking good, nails and your hair done
Even when it ain’t done, you still number one
Hotter than the barrel of a gun, girl here we come
Riding shotgun, rolling drop tops in the sun
You hold me down, when when I’m living life on the run
Throwing up the 3rd Coast, let them know where we from
She ain’t dumb, the girl got a head on her
If I can’t make it to my strap, she put that lead on em
That infrared on em, she ride with me cuz
She know that her man a thug, with a bigger buzz
Then when we in the club, she don’t be causing drama
Plus the word around town, that she my thoed lil’ mama
Pink diamonds in her clover, blue rocks on her arm
Just like Jackie did, she some’ing like my lucky charms
She ain’t tripping, when I come home late
Cause ain’t no telling, how much money I make that’s what it take huh

[Hook x2: Tasha]
C-Note, won’t you give it to me
(cause you’s a thoed lil’ mama, you’s a thoed lil’ mama)
I wanna roll, with a Clover Gee
(you’s a thoed lil’ mama, you’s a thoed lil’ mama)

She ride with a real nug’, like a woman should
And she ain’t giving up the goods, nigga when she could
Diamonds all against the wood, and it’s all gravy
Niggaz crazy, if they thinking they can have my lady
She done had my baby, and still super fine
Good sex a strong mind, I want it all the time
Baby we was born to shine, you keep me on the grind
Bumper on recline, Bentley when we coming down
Girl you got em startled, my genie in a bottle
Just like Tyra Banks, yeah she’s my supermodel
When I hit the throttle, she just grab the wheel
She know that I’m made of steel, she like how it feel
Plus the girl look good, when she on the scene
Look like some’ing on front page, of King Magazine
But you my sweet queen, but doing sweet things
Nigga touch her on the ass, I’m touching sweet dreams

[Hook x2]

Popping bottles in the club, she got a college degree
She like to put it in they face, so everybody can see
That she, is my number one trophy
Stay by my side, when them haters try to roast me
Boss man, get at her when she come to visit
But you’s a square dudes, man you never get them digits
Louis Vatone, Dochie Cabon’
I keep them thousand dollar bags, hanging from her arm
Gucci boots to her knees, got the game on freeze
That’s how it is, when you riding with them Clover Geez
Taking trips overseas, seeing new places
Spending big faces, trying to dodge some FED cases
You my woman you my wife, you my tight friend
The only girl in my life, took my life in
We roll a white Benz, till the game over
You be right by my side, chunking up the Clover

[Hook x2]

[Intro x2]

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